Protect East Meath makes observations on Julianstown proposal

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In February Protect East Meath made observations to Meath County Council about a planning application seeking to build 21 houses in Julianstown. The application proposes destroying party of a proposed Natural Heritage Area, development on land zoned for high amenity and on areas prone to flooding. There were also concerns about interference with Julianstown bridge (a protected structure) and assessment of protected birds and bats.

Since our observation went in the county council has asked the developer to supply extensive further information. You can download our submission here and the request for further information here.



Green light for challenge to massive Rathmullan planning permission

The High Court gave leave this morning to Protect East Meath and Highlands Residents Association to bring a legal challenge against a decision of An Bord Pleanála granting planning permission to Trailford Limited for a massive 661-unit housing development off the Rathmullan Road in Drogheda.

The challenge alleges that An Bord Pleanála was not legally permitted to grant permission for a development on lands ear marked by Meath County Council as not suitable for development until the new County Development Plan is adopted, that the environmental assessments in relation to winter birds and bats were deficient and that the Bord erroneously failed to identify significant effects on cultural heritage due to the sites location in relation to the Battle of the Boyne.

The matter returns to court after Easter on 23 April when a timetable will be agreed and a hearing date assigned.

Submission to the County Development Plan Review

You can read our submission to the County Development Plan review at this link


The submission is summarised as follows

1. There are significant issues with the Strategic Environmental Report which if left unaddressed will result in an SEA procedure that is unlawful having regard to the Strategic Environmental Assessment Directive. In particular the assessment of alternatives is defective. There are numerous targets for which there are no relevant indicators and conversely there are indicators that are unrelated to targets. Finally the monitoring is seriously deficient.

2. There needs to specific monitoring of significant environmental effects in Julianstown Co Meath. To that end an expert report is presented showing the R132 is almost at its theoretical capacity – therefore specific monitoring of traffic growth is required. Furthermore bearing in mind the purpose of monitoring the traffic growth needs to be monitored annually and should be reported to Louth County Council, TII, the NTA and the Department of Transport Tourism and Sport.

3. The local community in Julianstown is making air quality data available to Meath County Council at little or no cost. This data needs to be monitored in respect of emissions from vehicular traffic and solid fuel burning. The monitoring results should be reported to the EPA and Department of Health.

The full list of submissions is here.

Colpe development refused by Bord Pleanála following Protect East Meath objection

Protect East Meath today received confirmation that planning permission has been refused for a large housing development off the Mill Road.

This move comes after Protect East Meath pointed out several flaws in the proposal including serious traffic consequences for Julianstown and lack of certainty around impacts on protected bird species using the area.

Areal map of location of proposed development in Colpe

A copy of the decision can be downloaded from here or you can read it below:


Protect East Meath Challenges Marsh Road Development

East Meath group given permission to challenge planning permission for large Drogheda development at the Marsh Road.

Nature protection, traffic congestion, noise and air pollution in Julianstown of major concern

The High Court today granted Protect East Meath Limited permission to challenge a decision of An Bord Pleanála to grant planning permission for a 450-unit development proposed by developer Ravala Limited for a site off the Marsh Road, East of Drogheda.

The challenge was brought by Protect East Meath, an organisation aimed at ensuring the development in East Meath only takes place with strong environmental protections.

The court challenge argues that the Drogheda Borough Council Development plan upon which the development relies is no longer in force, that proper surveys for birds and bats were not conducted and that neither the developer nor An Bord Pleanála gave proper consideration to the environmental impacts on Julianstown that would result from extra traffic generated by the development.

Fred Logue, solicitor for Protect East Meath said that “in consultation with local residents and the Julianstown and District Community Association, Protect East Meath made a submission to An Bord Pleanála pointing out that there was already chronic traffic congestion on the main street of Julianstown giving rise noise levels in excess of recommended environmental quality levels and the likelihood of serious air pollution.”

“Unfortunately this submission was effectively ignored and no consideration was given to the effects of the serious pollution on children in Whitecross national school or on residents who live and work in the village”

EU law requires detailed environmental assessments to be carried out on the effects of large developments including an assessment of the effects on human health and in particular air pollution. Protect East Meath argues that these assessments were inadequate or not done at all.

Mr Logue pointed out that concerns about the serious health effects caused by heavy traffic are now well understood and it was a serious omission by the Developer and An Bord Pleanála not to examine the consequences for the village of Julianstown from increased traffic.

Mr Logue went on to point out that there are already more than 20,000 vehicles a day pouring through the small village. This amount of traffic is normally accommodated by a dual carriage way and not a narrow residential street.

“Meath County Council has recently identified traffic from Drogheda and East Meath as the source of the problems and has confirmed that a Julianstown by-pass would save €80 million based on time savings alone.”

Mr Logue went on to say that he was confident that once the correct environmental assessments were carried out it would emerge that that the decision was not lawfully made and that increased traffic in Julianstown would lead to unacceptable pollution in Julianstown and that permission would ultimately be refused

Details of the development

An Bord Pleanála Decision and Inspectors Report

Sign the petition: Make Julianstown traffic free

Sign our petition to make Julianstown traffic free

The draft Meath County Development plan is currently on display for public consultation. This plan sets the planning policies for the County for the next six years and gives an opportunity to have the Council agree to concrete steps to protect the environment in Julianstown by advancing a bypass of the village

The contents of the plan are decided by elected councillors and not officials therefore the more people that look for this the better chance there will be of progress.

The one thing councillors fear is losing votes.

Therefore we are asking you to sign this petition to show how many people are in favour of saving Julianstown

200 more apartments in pipeline for Colpe

Approximate site location indicated by a red star

An Bord Pleanála published details that Rockmill has entered consultation with it around a proposal to build 201 appartments on a site to the North of Southgate shopping centre and to the South West of Grange Rath.

This brings to 2,322 the number of housing units in large developments that are in the pipeline for South Drogheda/East Meath which could lead to a population increase of up to 6,500 in the area (approximately the size of Fermoy). See below for an updated table with links

LocationDeveloperNo Units
ColpeShannon Homes357
Rathmullan RdTrailford661
Marsh RdRavala450 (+133)
Scotch HallHallscotch270

Protect East Meath objects to Colpe development application

Location of proposed Shannon Homes development at Colpe

Protect East Meath this week lodged an objection against another planning application for a massive housing development in East Meath – this time 357 housing units between Grangerath and the Mill Road.

You can download it here or read it below:


Serious flooding in Julianstown

Pictures of serious flooding in Julianstown this morning