Underwhelming plans to reallocate road space in East Meath to active travel

The Climate Action Plan 2023 requires local authorities to identify roads suitable for reallocation to active travel such as walking and cycling.

We reported on Drogheda where are extensive active travel plan is in place.

We now have received Meath’s list of roads identified as suitable for reallocation and it is underwhelming. Just two roads identified in Bettystown, with none in the Meath part of Drogheda, Laytown, or Mornington. None of these roads join up with the train station, Drogheda or Julianstown.

Meath Co Co tenders for Variation to Development Plan

Meath County Council has just published a call for tenders for consultants to carry out assessments as party of a proposal to vary the Meath County Development plan. This appears to be in response to our successful challenge to excess zoning in Drogheda, although it is not clear what the proposed variation is meant to address. Also it is not clear whether this also covers the required Joint Urban Area Plan for Drogheda which the Council has committed to completing by the end of this year.

Reallocation of road space in Drogheda to walking and cycling

One of the tasks of local authorities under the government’s climate action plan is to draw up a list of roads in their areas that are suitable for reallocation to active travel, i.e. walking and cycling. This is so that carbon emissions for car transport can be reduced.

Louth County Council has supplied their list and a map for Drogheda which we have copied below. We are still waiting for Meath’s list for the area.

Details of Inse Bay Mast

Many residents of East Meath will have noticed a telecoms mast that appeared beside the Inse Bay bus stop during the week. It appears that the mast didn’t get planning permission but was licensed by Meath County Council under legislation designed to permit tables and chairs outside restaurants. Unlike planning permission there is no notice or public submissions. It all takes place behind closed doors. In most case the first anyone knows about it is when the mast goes up.

The reasons we can see the planning history is because the council originally told the developer to notify local residents but the developer decided this was too much trouble and appealed to An Bord Pleanála to have this condition removed.

We have copied below some of the files from the planning decision

  1. Application to Meath County Council for Licence
  2. Meath Planner’s report
  3. Granted Licence
  4. Appeal to An Bord Pleanála

The Board files can be found here.

Application to Meath Co Co
Planner’s Report
Granted licence
Appeal to Board

Settlement Capacity Audit – Standard Operating Procedure – February 2023

This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) will outline the steps to be undertaken by Meath County Council in the preparation and publication of a Settlement Capacity Audit(s) (SCA) for County Meath. The SOP sets out the legislative requirement to prepare an SCA to inform the Council in respect of the land use strategy and application of the ‘Tiered Approach to Zoning’ as required by Appendix 3 of the National Planning Framework.

This document was produced by Meath County Council following our successful challenge to the over-zoning in the Southern Environs of Drogheda and will be used to inform the procedure to vary the plan to comply with the court ruling.