Julianstown traffic shows massive increase

May saw a huge increase in traffic on Julianstown Main Street as house building starts anew in the East Meath region.

Equipment maintained by Transport Infrastructure Ireland next to the primary school in the historic East Meath village counted an average of 21,313 vehicles per day including 22,263 per weekday when commuters travel to and from work.

This level of traffic is already an environmental disaster with noise and air pollution certainly harming the health of people who live and work in the village, especially the children who attend the primary school and Little Joey’s creche.

At this rate traffic volumes will exceed pre-M1 levels within the next eight years.

Our graphs below chart the 7-day and weekday average traffic volumes per month and also for the month of May. Volumes have increased from economic crisis lows in 2013 by 10% in four years.