JDCA asks for Old Mill to be painted

JDCA has written to the CEO of MCC asking (as a temporary measure) that the ugly remains of the Old Mill be painted over to conceal the grafiti.  It still wants the site to be listed by the Council as “Derelict” under the provisions of the Derelict Sites Act, 1990 and continues to be puzzled by their refusal to do so.  Painting out the graffiti would be some (temporary) relief from this scar on our community.
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Julianstown calls on Meath to make village healthy and safe

Julianstown and District Community Association has made a detailed submission to Meath County Council calling for effective measures to tackle environmental degradation in Julianstown and calling on the local authority to adopt policies and objectives which will improve Julianstown as a community and village in particular the local community group wants the county development plan to include:

  • A policy that obliges the local authority to ensure that the measures recommended in the Julianstown Village Design statement will be taken into account in relation to all activities within the control of or regulated by the local authority.
  • A specific objective to plan and deliver a bypass of Julianstown
  • A specific objective consistent with the Julianstown Village Design Statement, to restore the site of the Old Mill for amenity use in the village.
  • A specific objective to provide maintenance services for the public areas of Julianstown such as the village garden and the footpaths and roadway verges.
  • The inclusion in the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of a detailed assessment of the environmental effects of the plan (and subordinate plans) on the environment in Julianstown arising from traffic in the East Meath region. This SEA should also include regular monitoring during the plan implementation.

The next step will be a vote by Councillors instructing the CEO of Meath County Council to include certain measures in the draft plan. We understand that JDCA will be lobbying councillors in advance of this vote to have the above included.

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JDCA pre-draft submission 2017

An Taisce submission to Development Plan Review

An Taisce – The National Trust for Ireland has made a detailed submission to Meath County Council on the review of the County Development Plan. An Taisce points out that significant changes to planning law now mandate consistency with regional and national spatial strategies making it illegal for the local authority to generate uncontrolled suburban sprawl that has characterised the last decade of planning in Meath.

The plan, according to An Taisce, must focus on generating walkable communities and lead to reduced dependence on oil based transport.  East Meath gets a special mention with An Taisce calling for the plan to reduce the zoning in the area and carry out a detailed transport assessment as part of the plan review and strategic environmental assessment.

We fully support An Taisce’s submission and urge readers to consider joining An Taisce to support its excellent public interest work in the planning area.


20170217-17-CDP An Taisce #1


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Julianstown objects to Laytown Aldi – Will draw trucks and cars through village

Juliantown and District Community Association today lodged an observation on an appeal to An Bord Pleanála against a decision by Meath County Council to grant planning permission for an Aldi store at Strand Road Laytown.

The observation points out that the new store will cause 4 additional articulated lorry trips on Main Street Julianstown and will draw shoppers from Stamullen and surrounds through the village.

The main points of the observation are:

  1. The development will lead to an unacceptable increase in the number of articulated HGVs travelling on Julianstown Main Street every morning.
  2. The traffic impact assessment is inadequate because it does not:
    – Consider the impact of the proposed development on the entire transport network
    – Identify the catchment area served by the proposed development
    – include 5 year and 15 year forecasts as required by guidelines
    – take into account the cumulative impact of committed developments and vacant houses.
  3. The impact of the proposed development on passenger car traffic in Julianstown has not been assessed due to the inadequacies in the traffic impact assessment. There is a likelihood that some visitors to the proposed development will drive by car via Julianstown and return on the same route. Since the traffic volumes using the Main Street in Julianstown are significantly greater than the capacity of the street, this increase is unacceptable and permission should be refused.

Here’s a full copy to review and download:

JDCA obs on Aldi – FINAL 6.2.2017

JDCA obs on Aldi - FINAL 6.2.2017


Julianstown traffic needs specific measures in County Development

The population of East Meath has more than doubled since the turn of the century but no road infrastructure has been built and a population larger than Navan is supported by a road network that hasn’t changed since the 19th century.

One of the results of this is that Julianstown one of the most picturesque villages of the region is saturated with motor-way levels of traffic including large HGV numbers.

Here is a video of a typical morning in Julianstown when children should be walking or cycling to school.

Information meeting on the Meath County Development Plan 2019 – 2025

Just a reminder that the Meath County Council information evening on the 2019 – 2025 County Development Plan for the Laytown / Bettystown municipal area will take place next Wednesday 1st February, in the Duleek municipal office of the County Council.
The time allotted is between 5.00pm and 7.00pm.
It is important that the residents of East Meath show an interest in this process by their presence at this event.
Although the times for this event are not ideal for working people especially commuters, please try to be there, even for a short time, to demonstrate your commitment to the County Development process.
The quality of the environment for you, your children and your grandchildren into the future will be determined to some extent by the content of the County Development Plan.
More information is available at http://countydevelopmentplanreview.meath.ie/